Cockroach exterminators

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Have you noticed cockroaches or roaches in your home or business? 

The need for a cockroach removal service is rarely good news.

Whether it’s flying cockroaches, black cockroaches, white cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, German cockroaches or American cockroaches, nothing is more disgusting than a cockroach or cockroach infestation.

There are all kinds of cockroaches and they reproduce at an incredible rate. Let’s take a look at why you’re being invaded, what dangers cockroaches and roaches pose to you and your options for roach control.

Cockroach problems? Ask for a pest control service!

Cockroaches: highly invasive insects

Cockroaches are particularly tough insects. Found all over the world, they are able to adapt to almost any environment and are likely to infest and reproduce in many types of habitats, starting with those frequented by humans.

Cockroaches are particularly fond of damp, warm, dark and dirty places, especially if they can find food. In the home, they are most often found in kitchens, bathrooms or in pipes where they have access to food in a protected area.

To avoid being invaded by cockroaches as much as possible and to avoid a roach removal, prevention remains the best solution. Keeping your home clean, your food tightly sealed and not leaving cracks and other potential hiding places is usually enough to keep these cockroaches out of your home.

Signs of cockroach infection

Cockroaches are particularly invasive animals, in addition to being a nuisance. Generally, the following signs can be used to determine whether or not you are dealing with an invasion of these insects.

If you have these signs in your home, it may be necessary to carry out a cockroach pest control.

Visible cockroaches

Cockroaches are particularly invasive animals, as well as being pests. 

Seeing cockroaches walking around your home or seeing cockroaches flying around in broad daylight is not a good sign.

Cockroach eggs and larvae

Seeing cockroach eggs or larvae in your home or business is not a good sign either. If you come across them, it means that cockroaches are comfortable enough in your home to breed, and you probably want to avoid them.

You will usually find cockroach eggs inside crevices, pipes or in sheltered holes to protect them until they hatch.

Cockroach droppings on the floor

Cockroach droppings are also a characteristic sign of their presence. They usually look like coffee beans and are scattered in their path.

The stench

The greater the invasion of cockroaches, the more pheromones they will produce, which will give off a characteristic odour that is particularly nauseating to the human nose. When this smell is present, it is also a sign that the infection is in an advanced stage.

Are cockroaches dangerous?

Cockroaches are not aggressive animals that will bite or sting you. Nevertheless, they carry numerous pathogens and are therefore a major health risk when you live with them, whether in your home or in your garden.

They sometimes feed in your kitchen and can contaminate your food and make you ill. Their excrement is also a vector for many diseases.

Are there any cockroach tricks to get rid of them on your own?

There are indeed tips on how to get rid of cockroaches yourself without having to go through a cockroach exterminator. The first tip is prevention, by making sure you don’t leave them any areas where they can easily proliferate.

If you notice a cockroach infestation at a minimal stage, you can also try these tips to trap them, poison them or simply repel them to places that are less of a nuisance.

However, when the infestation is severe, none of these solutions will be sufficient in the long term and you will have to call in a professional extermination company to carry out a cockroach extermination to get rid of these insects for good.

When should I call a cockroach control company?


If you have signs that cockroaches are already comfortably installed in your home, such as a characteristically foul smell, eggs in your walls, or cockroaches walking through your home or business in broad daylight, you should not wait. 

Trying to deal with these infestations yourself is futile and will only make the problem worse and lead to the same result.

you are a company or a community

Professionals, especially in the food sector, but also public authorities, industrial companies or nursing homes, have legal obligations regarding pest control, including cockroach control.

Cockroaches are particularly pathogenic insects and you should not wait and put your customers, tenants or employees at risk when your premises are colonised by cockroaches.

Our cockroach interventions are FASFC approved and can be part of a more comprehensive pest control plan.

Our cockroach control services

Cockroaches can sneak in and thrive in a variety of environments. Here are the types of pest control that may be required depending on your situation.

Cockroach removal in a house

Cockroaches can take up residence in homes. Whether the cockroaches are in the kitchen of your home, in your drains or in your garage, a house cockroach extermination may be necessary.

House roach removal involves locating the cockroaches, then exterminating them and putting devices in place that will prevent recurrence.

Cockroach removal in a flat

Cockroaches sometimes thrive in flats. If your flat is infested with cockroaches, it is necessary to carry out a cockroach extermination as soon as possible to prevent the insects from spreading to other flats in the building.

Insect removal from a flat is essential. We help you get rid of these insects and prevent their return with our prevention techniques. 

Insect control for garden cockroaches

Cockroaches can find what they like in your garden. If you have cockroaches in your garden, it may be necessary to carry out a roach extermination to prevent the roach infection from spreading inside your home.

Our cockroach exterminators will assist you in making an accurate diagnosis and then implementing the best cockroach extermination techniques to prevent cockroaches from harming your health.


Cockroaches do not only invade private homes. They can easily take up residence in restaurants, public buildings, industries and apartment buildings. These invasions can potentially be even worse than those of private individuals and it is therefore necessary to disinsect as soon as possible.

Whether you are a restaurant owner, a municipality or a storage company, we can help you to disinsect your cockroaches and to implement preventive measures that will prevent their arrival.

Disinfection of cockroach infestations

Sometimes the cockroach infestation is such that disinfection is necessary to avoid endangering the inhabitants of the infested house, building or premises. Cockroach disinfection can be carried out following a roach disinfection to eliminate the last remnants of the cockroach, or combined with a roach disinfection to kill two birds with one stone.

Our disinfection experts will take care of putting your infested premises back in order so that the cockroach invasion is a distant memory.

Pest control and cockroaches

Cockroaches and rats can thrive in the same environments, so it’s not uncommon to need rodent removal and roach disinfestation at the same time.

We can assist you with your pest control, rodent control, insect control or disinfection of all types of pests that put your health at risk.

Areas in which we intervene for cockroach control

Cockroach control in Walloon Brabant

Unfortunately, Walloon Brabant is not a region where cockroaches or roaches are a thing of the past. Whether you are a private individual or a company, it is quite possible that the insects that have recently invaded you are indeed cockroaches.

We intervene throughout Walloon Brabant to get rid of your cockroach problems. Whether you are in Wavre, Nivelles, Waterloo or Braine-l’Alleud, if you are invaded by cockroaches in the region, call on our teams.

Getting rid of cockroaches in Brussels

The Belgian capital and its neighbouring cities are like many large cities: full of cockroaches. These cockroaches take advantage of the presence of human facilities and feed on all the waste that a city of this size can offer them. It is therefore not uncommon for cockroaches to move from the street to a kitchen or warehouse and take up residence there.

Whether you are in Brussels, Anderlecht or Schaerbeek, our cockroach exterminators can come to your home or business to get rid of the annoying insects.

Cockroach control in Namur and its province

Do you live in the province of Namur and have a problem with cockroaches? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Every year, many people are confronted with these pests, which can be found in the city of Namur as well as in smaller towns such as Philippeville, Dinant or Beauraing.

Our pest control company sends you its anti-cavity experts to get rid of these insects. Whether you are a private individual, a restaurant owner or an industrialist, there is no reason to continue sharing your daily life with these bugs.

Liege region: say goodbye to cockroaches

Liege and its province are sometimes invaded by cockroaches, which find everything they need to thrive and colonise places where they are not welcome, such as kitchens, gardens or bathrooms.

Whether you are in Liège or in cities in the region such as Verviers, Seraing or Huy, our cockroach exterminators will come to your home to help you get rid of these insects. Whether you are a private individual, a professional or even a local authority, you can trust them in your fight against pests.

Cockroach control in the province of Luxembourg

Cockroaches can be everywhere, even in less populated provinces where they are least expected. The Province of Luxembourg is not spared from cockroaches either, in the city centres as well as in the gardens. 

If you live in Luxembourg and have cockroaches in your kitchen, your vegetable garden or your company’s warehouse, call on our regional pest controllers to put an end to the invasion.

Cockroach removal in Hainaut

The Province of Hainaut has several large cities, which means that there are many cockroach outbreaks. If you see cockroaches proliferating in your home or business premises, don’t panic, you are not alone in the region.

Whether you live in Charleroi, Mons, Tournai or Ath, our cockroach exterminators can travel throughout Hainaut, both to your business premises and to your home, to rid you of the insects that are ruining your life. Contact them and your cockroach invasion will soon be a thing of the past.

How much does a cockroach removal job cost?

The price of our cockroach exterminators’ interventions depends on many factors: the surface to be treated, the extent of the invasion, or the nature of the premises to be treated.

Whether you are a private individual looking to get rid of cockroaches in your home or garden, or a professional looking for exterminators to get rid of cockroaches in your warehouse or collective kitchens, any cockroach extermination will be subject to a free analysis on our part to offer you a no-surprise quote.

Why use professional cockroach removers?

There are many home remedies that promise to get rid of cockroaches and other roaches in just a few days, whether natural or not. It is true that some products can (seemingly) make the insects that have invaded your home disappear. However, you should be aware that over-the-counter products rarely completely get rid of cockroaches. 

Most of the time, the smallest egg, nest, or individual left behind can replenish an entire colony.

Doing it yourself can also be risky. The use of chemicals, even those available in shops, requires great caution. Some are corrosive, dangerous to your health and that of your household.

Pest control is a real profession, which requires expertise. We use tried and tested methods and professional products for roach control, which are often the only ones that guarantee a lasting result.


We are committed to intervening as quickly as possible in order to preserve your safety and the health of your home.


Our teams are spread over several regions in order to guarantee you unparalleled responsiveness.


We implement radically effective treatment solutions that are only available to sworn professionals.


Perfectly trained in their use, our teams of experts guarantee an immediate and unquestionable result.


Our priority is to offer you the most environmentally friendly solutions available on the market.


Our pest control methods involve only materials and products that are used in accordance with the applicable laws to ensure the preservation of your environment.


Our teams do their utmost to adapt to all your organisational constraints.


When a treatment requires several interventions, we will plan each appointment together so as not to disrupt your daily routine.


We are always available for you. We offer a 24/7 service.


We are always available for you. We offer a 24/7 service.

Free quote

There is no charge for our quotation.


We come directly with our equipment and can intervene directly on the day of our visit


We guarantee our services and their effectiveness after our intervention.


The warranty period will depend on the treatment chosen and the pest concerned. This generally ranges from 1 to 12 months after our intervention.


Our teams systematically propose a new control visit after the intervention.


The purpose of this new visit is to ensure that the pest has disappeared but also to avoid a new infestation.


All you need to do is to submit an online request for a quote or make a quick phone call and we will arrange a first meeting. This first visit serves to assess the seriousness of the situation and to give you the most accurate estimate possible.
Our estimate is completely free and does not commit you to anything! You pay nothing until you decide to start the treatment protocol.


Each situation is complex and unique. It is therefore necessary to have a number of treatment techniques at your disposal in order to be able to adapt it to each individual case. This explains why our price offer is personalised and takes into account the type of your home, the extent of the invasion and your personal constraints. Once these parameters have been collected, we are able to draw up a tailor-made action plan which is translated into a detailed quote. This is communicated to you in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises at the time of invoicing.


Do you have any doubts about the future effectiveness of our intervention? All our services are guaranteed. If, after our intervention, you notice the return of the undesirable pests within the guarantee period, we undertake to return free of charge during a visit to establish a second intervention protocol in order to avoid reinfestation.


Unfortunately, eradication alone is not enough. It is also recommended to invest in a prevention plan. Following our intervention, our technicians will give you the best advice to avoid being invaded again in the months/years to come. For professionals, it is often necessary to set up a complete prevention plan including regular control by a technician.  

In addition to guaranteeing you an optimal result, we are also committed to respecting a quality charter of a high standard. In this way, you will benefit from the best pest control service available on the market. Our employees are regularly trained in the latest innovations. In addition, we use products with a low environmental impact in order to protect the environment and the health of the occupants.

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